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I'm Dana Preshous, Spirited Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor. I am here to connect you to your loved ones in spirit and to get you to step into your own healing journey. I know you have questions about your future, or even how to manifest it! With my connection to spirit I will guide you through doors you never knew were there. You want to know how to bust through those doors? Let me show you how and let's change your story. Empowerment arrives when you embrace your fear! Okay, let's go!

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Are you ready to begin a journey of self-discovery? Allow me to guide you into a better feeling lifestyle and experience. I am here to give you divine knowledge and guidance on your life path. All you need to do is commit to the practice of working towards your desires and goals. Get ready to start your journey. Take my hand and surrender into divine guidance with me and your Spirit Guides. Let this life be your best life. 




Take a look at some of the amazing downloadable products created for learning and healing. The Meditation album for Spiritual and Physical Healing includes various guided meditations on Physical and Emotional Addiction, Spiritual Healing and Chakra Balancing. There is also a meditation that takes you into a deep journey to your past for healing. Also available is the Psychic & Intuitive Development Manual to teach you the basics in development. These products are also included in some of the Packages and Courses. Enjoy!





Are you ready to learn more about your Intuitive and Psychic abilities? We all have Psychic ability but tapping into the connection isn’t always easy. Take a look at the in-dept development programs availabe. You may also be ready to take the powerful Deep Dive Coaching Program aimed at going into deeper healing and manifestation. This program will give you weeks of guidance including various materials to bring out the best in you. The Deep Dive will be available in 2019. Get ready to soar! Reiki healing classes are also available, including Master Teacher Apprenticeship. You can find all Courses at my School website. 



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