Dana is truly amazing! What a gift she has and shares with everyone. I feel fortunate to have found her. I had a medium/psychic combo reading and my friend had a medium reading. We both got exactly what we were hoping for.

~ Nicole O, 2018


Best experience ever. Will definitely be going back again not only is she a great medium and psychic but she is a wonderful person.

~ Celeste Mukoyama,2018


Dana Preshous is absolutely amazing at giving an accurate and thorough reading. She really is in-tune with spirits on the other side. I have had two readings with her recently and know that I will definitely be needing her to help me answer questions in my upcoming future and look forward to it! Thanks to my readings, I was able to receive messages from my Grandmother and Father who have been passed away for 12 and 21 years ago. It was so healing to know that they are around and aware of things that I am going through and seeing my life change from the other side! Thank you Dana for making this skeptic more open to my spiritual side and helping me know that there is more than just the “here and now.”

Blessings until we speak again!


~ Deanna C, North Carolina, 2018


I had a reading from Dana at the Women’s Show when she was in Savannah. Amazing!! She was spot on and connected with me immediately. She was honest and thorough. Such a kind soul. She is the real deal and I can’t wait to connect with her again.

~ Jennifer M, Savannah, GA 2018


Dana Preshous is the real deal. She approaches each student with humility and respect. The knowledge she shares is spot on, and insightful. Within a few sessions, I felt more clear, centered and for the first time in a long time, I had an idea of what my future could look like. Very grateful.

~ Una R, North Carolina, 2015


I had a personal reading with Dana in November. My father came through and it was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. She was 100% on point in the reading and everything was confirmed by my family members. I will definitely book with her again!

~ Hilary R. Burchette

North Carolina, 2018


What a wonderful experience!! Dana is so kind and warm (and funny)! I felt comfortable and saw a few things in a new way. Thanks, Dana!!!

~ Katrin Franklin

North Carolina, 2017



Spot on. Accurate and compassionate. Dana is the real deal.

~ Maggie Sergio, 2017


“My sessions with Dana have been wonderful! I immediately felt comfortable, and cannot say enough about Dana herself; she radiates warm, positive energy, and seems to love working with people. As for her abilities, I can honestly say that the information she shared with me has been truly life changing. I believe she has been blessed with many gifts, and am thankful she is using them to help those of us who need some guidance and support. I have already told several friends about Dana, and hope to be meeting with her again very soon. Thank you for everything, Dana!”

~ Lisa J.



“All I can say it was amazing. Dana was spot on with her reading. That I had a 2nd one and again she was amazing. I think about going back and have told my friends about her.

One day I was really having moment and needed a kind voice to talk to and she was there for me. She help me through with her kind and gentle voice. It made all the difference for me. If you decided to have a reading by Dana you will not be sorry. Just being around her is uplifting.”




When you first meet Dana you are embraced with her warmth and light. I’ve received readings and Reiki from Dana, all of which I left feeling peaceful. You leave her with this feeling of renewal. During one Reiki session Dana had placed her hand over my forehead. In that moment I experienced not only clarity, but a deep calm came over me. Dana is compassionate, wise, and honest. You know you’re in good hands, and you are. Dana is a true blessing, she has healed my heart when I needed it most, and is very informative. Thank you, Dana.”

~Laura Bartlett



“Dana Preshous did a marvelous Spiritual/Psychic reading for me in April 2013. It was the most comprehensive and “spot on” reading I could have imagined. Dana immediately picked up on the purpose of my present lifetime; my primary Spiritual Guide came through and Dana channeled words of wisdom and helpful guidance from several different spiritual sources.

Amazing and useful information came through Dana which confirmed to me that I’m on my correct path. Over my long lifetime I’ve had a number of psychic readings. Dana’s was absolutely the best and the most helpful. She is open to the energies of many dimensions and I highly recommend her talents!”

~Joan Bridgman



“Thank you again for my reading . My Dad came thru so complete I couldn’t believe it. There were things that only my father and a very few members of my family would know about, I have shared with my brother and daughter and they were very surprised with some comments you made. Even my cat came thru and he died about 2 years ago. Thank you.”

~Suzanne Lisco



“I have found my readings with Dana Preshous to be most informative and accurate. Sometimes she gives me the perfect little tidbit that I need to see a clear path into my future. “

~Tayloe Compton



“My Reiki session with Dana was relaxing and peaceful.  During the treatment, a feeling of gratitude rose up often and I felt a sense of well-being.  My main issue was anxiety and scatterbrain; feeling constantly in a hurry but always behind.  After receiving Reiki treatment, my mind settled.  The distractions and fretting somehow subsided, so now I can focus on the present moment naturally. As a result, my life became more calm, efficient, and pleasant.  It is amazing that one energy session can make this shift happen.
I thought a spiritual person like Dana would be very different from me and to some degree removed from the worldly things, but no, she is definitely down to earth.  She is friendly, warm and humble.  I felt at ease and liked her the moment we met.  She took great care in explaining things and making me comfortable.  I can tell she respects and deeply cares about people, and she practices Reiki to really help.  I am very glad that I received a Reiki treatment from Dana, and recommend her to anyone seeking healing.”

~ Chie McCoin



“I loved the Reiki class I took with Dana and HIGHLY recommend it! The class exceeded my expectations! It is a great opportunity to learn and share the gift of health. Relax, learn and enjoy!”

~Helen Gibbons