Psychic Readings

All readings are intended and focused upon for the highest and healing good of each client.

In a Psychic reading Dana will communicate by reading the energy and vibrations around you the client and will pick up information from your past, present and future. Communication is also opened up with your spirit guides which aids the messages given. Dana gives an honest, and open reading to give you the best guidance for your current life path so there is “No Sugar Coating.”

There is always a designated theme for us all to learn from but ultimately you are in charge of the choices you make in your life and Dana is simply here to bridge divine and spiritual guidance into your world to assist the rest of your journey.


Spirit Medium Readings

In a Spirit Medium reading Dana will connect you to a loved one, and sometimes animals that has crossed over into the spirit world. Dana will collect as many evidential pieces of information as possible from spirit to bridge and strengthen the connection to confirm whom she may be communicating with. Spirit will only share what they are ready to share with you. Dana cannot filter the information given and is merely a channel for all messages received. Please follow the guide below to assist you in understanding how to get the very best from your future appointment.



In Person or Out of Office Appointment?

There is always the question of how will your appointment work if the reading is by phone or online. Choosing an out of office appointment makes no difference to your reading. How Psychic and Mediums work is through the connection to energy and spirit so distance has no effect on your reading.




Tips to Aid Your Reading

1. Set the intention for your reading before you have arrived for your appointment. Dana will meditate on your intention without knowing specifics before your arrival so relax knowing that your session is being handled with the greatest intention for your highest and healing good.

2. As with both a psychic reading and spirit communication reading, you can will strengthen the session by inviting or saying a prayer to the person with whom you are trying to connect to as well as setting an intention before your scheduled appointment.

3. Please arrive promptly for your session but don’t rush, it is helpful if you are in a relaxed state, if you need help with directions Dana will be glad to assist you.

4. Please make sure that if you are having an in-person reading that you keep your phone off or on silent, you may however use it to record the session.

5. All readings are recorded and sent out via email at a later date but you are also welcome to bring your own recording device and you are welcome to take notes during your reading.

6. Dana cannot promise to connect to those loved ones you have invited, the strongest communicator in spirit will be the loved one who comes through in that session so expect the unexpected. Dana simply channels all information that is given by spirit, and therefore does not control who comes through to communicate with you in your reading.

7. Be open without expectation, sometimes you may want to hear something specific but instead you are taken on a different journey. Allow yourself to enjoy the reading and allow your time to be of the value that it is. “We are all vessels connected to the divine, so please be open to receive with an open heart.”- Dana Preshous.


Terms of Service

Any appointments missed will be seen as services rendered. For any last minute cancellations the same rule of service will apply but a discount will be added to your next scheduled appointment. If changes to your appointment must be made please give at least 24 hours in advance to make necessary changes.

All information received through a reading is translated by the individual client and should not be mistaken as medical professional advice. Please seek professional console for any emotional or physical needs.

It is recommended that you book at least a month in advance as appointments cannot always be made within the same week, so please plan ahead.

All appointment types and prices are for in office only, should you require an out of office session please contact us for more information.

 Dana’s sessions are for 1-2 people only.

Group readings are also available for small or large group events.

1 hour and 30 minute readings available.


Please note:

Please email Assistant Anna March for information on bigger groups at:

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