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Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions & Programs

We all need a little guidance within our lives, we all struggle, and that is a part of this life experience. Let’s be honest, making necessary changes in our lives is not always easy. Everyone has a past, a story in history that can create triggers from our past that we allow to limit our full potential and growth.

My experience as a Psychic and Medium has given me the ability to tap into my clients adversities. Being led by spirit I am able to find their “blocks” through the readings. Once the session is over and the door to the reading closes, there may still be struggle. You may find it difficult to make the transformations in your life that are necessary. My readings are always guided by spirit to help you recognize your truest potential. Sometimes there are things we may not want to hear, but to guide you correctly and ethically you will need to understand what is real and necessary.

I look back at all the experience doing this work and Life Coaching is a natural part of the process. As a Psychic, I am able to look into your life with great insight. This provides me with the ability to guide you on your path. You can then make better choices, feel more at ease, and self -assured.

My Intuitive Life Coaching Program will give you the tools you need to begin the journey of a lifetime. I am here to assist you in shaking things up, to let things go, and to heal. I will be here to remind you of your responsibility to the life that you have created and continue to manifest. As your Intuitive Life Coach, I will hold you accountable in making choices that are more in alignment with where you wish to be rather than where you are within your circumstances.

This Coaching program will be designed for you personally. We will work together on a weekly basis to get you to the life that you have always dreamed of. The one that you deserve to experience.


2019 brings the launch of

The Deep Dive Program

Get ready to dive deep into the biggest coaching program yet!

To find out more and/ or sign up, please click on the image to connect to my school site.

I look forward to getting you started.


Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions

The Big Leap

You may be needing a little guidance in your life. In my Psychic Readings I often coach my clients in the choices that present themselves. With a Reading I can only offer my guidance within an indivual session. Within The Big Leap Coaching sessions I give you an opportunity to receive guidance within weekly sessions.

We could all use a little guidance from time to time and seeking assistance from a Coach is one way of helping you get closer to reaching your goals. We all have dreams and we all have blocks that we need help to move. My Intuitive guidance will aid you in removing what no longer serves you. We all succumb to fear at one point or another but it is my job to help you face those fears and take the big leap into the world you wish to create for yourself. I am with you on your journey.

With The Big Leap Sessions you will have an opportunity to chose a package that is best suited to your needs. By choosing a coaching package you will receive weekly guidance from me in learning how to heal your wounds, let go of your past and find the confidence within self to create the life you want. I work closely with you and spirit to assist you in finding your path. Be ready to take action. Be ready to claim back your soul self.





Private Psychic & Mediumship Development Sessions

We all have intuition but for some of us it can seem a little daunting when we have abilities that we do not understand. You may feel like you need more guidance within a more private setting in order to understand your own gifts or that attending a class may be a little too uncomfortable as you get use to accepting your abilities.

If you would like to explore more into understanding intuition and psychic awareness then please feel free to contact Dana for private mentoring sessions.

Dana knows all too well how it can feel when you have questions but no answers to comprehend the experiences that are otherworldly so trust in yourself enough to take the very next step.

We promise you that you are always safe and that you are always taken care of, we are here to guide you and bring you back to your source, your natural state of higher awareness~

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