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Join Dana Preshous as she connects you with your loved ones on the other side in these intimate gallery readings.
Dana is a certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. Dana gives private and group gallery readings on a regular basis and is now available to bring a group event to the comfort of your own home.

The small groups are limited to 10 people.
All group readings last for 2hrs.
Each person in the group will receive either a Spirit Medium or Psychic Reading.

We thank you for allowing this beautiful event to happen.

Dana Preshous



Reiki Level One Class


Class Price $165

Reiki is a hands on healing method that has been around for years and was developed by Mikao Usui of Japan in the 1930’s. Since then Reiki has been introduced to many all around the world.
Reiki simply translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ is a popular and effective form of energy medicine and is a very effective tool in treating stress, pain management and other various ailments and issues.
In this two day class you will begin to learn and understand more about energy and the effects of its vibrations. By harnessing your own energy and choosing to allow healing into your life, you then become a conduit in which to heal others.
In this class Dana Preshous also uses intuitive techniques and lessons to enhance your path into becoming a natural healer.
After completing this class, you will be certified as a Reiki Level One Practitioner.

If you are considering developing your Psychic gifts it is highly suggested to learn more about energy through the teachings of Reiki to assist you in understanding your own abilities, an important step when working with spirit.

Your Master Teacher
Dana Preshous is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and also works as a Certified Psychic Medium. & Spiritual Advisor
Dana also teaches Intuitive, Mediumship & Psychic Development classes and mentors those with similar abilities.

Assistant Master Teacher
Erica Monroe is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Yoga Teacher at Hot Asana Yoga Studio in Southern Pines, NC.

Level One Tuition: $165
Payment for class is available on the website link listed below



Psychic Readings


Karma Beauty Spa Spirit Medium Demonstration Event

Stay Tuned…

Please join all of us at Karma Beauty Spa at our new location for an evening with Certified Psychic Medium Dana Preshous.

Dana Preshous will be bringing messages from the other side allowing you the audiance member to get a glimpse of life in Heaven. Dana will shares messages and guidance from spirit and bridge the gap between you and your loved ones whom have crossed over.
Attending one of Dana’s events is beautiful and life changing. You may be one of the lucky audiance members to receive a message.

Drinks will be available for purchase and snacks will be provided.
Please make sure to arrive no later than 6:45 pm for seating.
All tickets can be purchased at Karma Beauty Spa:

Psychic Readings

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least one week advance notice prior to class for cancellation.

Any cancellations given after such time will be marked as attended.


Dana Preshous is a British Psychic Medium that is now a local to North Carolina. Dana has been giving Readings for years and was recently certified by well-renowned Medium Lisa Williams in Lillydale, NY.
To read more about Dana please visit her website:



Dana is also signed as a talent on Senter Stage Events.
Please visit: to see all well known talent.


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