Psychic Readings


Your Divine Intuition Workshop

Welcome to an introductory one day workshop of learning, fun and acceptance of your Intuitive Self.
In this class you will begin to understand what your intuition is, how to develop it and how to use intuition in your daily life to create a more settled environment within your life experience.
From the basics of learning more about your intuition you will be able to begin to trust more in your very capable intuitive self that lead into your Psychic and perhaps Spirit Mediumship abilities.

There will be 3 upcoming future workshops and so this class is recommended for beginners and those wanting to take the upcoming 2-day workshops for Psychic Development and Mediumship Development.



Psychic Readings

Reiki Level One Class

Reiki is a hands on healing method that has been around for years and was developed by Mikao Usui of Japan in the 1930’s. Since then Reiki has been introduced to many all around the world.
Reiki simply translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ is a popular and effective form of energy medicine and is a very effective tool in treating stress, pain management and other various ailments and issues.
In this two day class you will begin to learn and understand more about energy and the effects of its vibrations. By harnessing your own energy and choosing to allow healing into your life, you then become a conduit in which to heal others.
In this class Dana Preshous also uses intuitive techniques and lessons to enhance your path into becoming a natural healer.
After completing this class, you will be certified as a Reiki Level One Practitioner.

If you are considering developing your Psychic gifts it is highly suggested to learn more about energy through the teachings of Reiki to assist you in understanding your own abilities, an important step when working with spirit.




Psychic Development Workshop

Level: Beginners

Take a look at ‘Your Divine Intuition Workshop’ listed above.

Welcome to the first of a three part series in tapping into your Psychic & Mediumship abilities.

This workshop begins with a four week video series of weekly homework that will be focused on preparing you for the weekend ahead. The homework will consist of simple exercises that all of you have the ability to do and in your own time before the workshop weekend.
The workshop will also be full of exercises, practices, meditations and discussions on all things related to working with spirit and your intuition.
You will be taught how to read for others ethicly from the ground up using your own natural ability. We all have intuition but for some of us we find it difficult to navigate through the experience of tuning in to non-physical energy.
If you are interested in developing more of your abilities in this field we highly reccomend you begin with this workshop before taking any advance classes.

“As a Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Psychic Medium I also struggled with my abilities and through my own practice and guidance with other teachers I was able to find my way forward with this ability that serves as a tool to help others. So if you are ready to take the next step and learn to really be in control of what is already there then begin your journey now with full faith and trust in your heart and the guidance of spirit as I assist you in this journey of unconditional love. We all have this natural ability and so building the foundation in which to feel comfortable within our own skin will change our lives and others.”

~ Dana Preshous


Cancellation Policy

Please give at least one week advance notice prior to class for cancellation.

Any cancellations given after such time will be marked as attended.



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