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Dana Preshous

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Dana prides herself on giving detailed and accurate information within all of her Spirit and Psychic Readings. You can find Dana Preshous giving live gallery readings, teaching classes as well as speaking at other various events so stay connected and we’ll keep you posted on what’s coming up.

Dana has been tested and certified by International Psychic Medium Lisa Williams


The International School of Spiritual Development.

Psychic Medium in North Carolina. Reiki Master Teacher in North C

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& Public SpeakerCertified Psychic Medium Dana Preshous 

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Now available

Guided Meditations for Spiritual & Physical Healing

A guided meditation album for spiritual and physical healing. Dana had been dreaming for years about creating this project and so with divine guidance and timing this project was able to fin

ally come to fruition. Dana believes it is so important to nourish our soul and to stay healthy but sometimes we all forget to pay attention to our spiritual bodies, we come out of alignment and what follows is misalignment of our physical bodies which then creates physical issues and dis–easements. With these meditations you will have the opportunity to re–focus and re–balance both your spiritual and physical body so take the time to pay attention, relax and enjoy your journey back into your higher state of consciousness.album advert

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Also available

Psychic & Intuitive Development Manual

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Are you wanting to practice your own development? We all understand how life can sometimes take up a lot of your own time and so if you are unable to take a class but would still like to study intuitive development then you have the opportunity to do so with the following book. We all have intuition and for some of us it is just lying dormant but yet all it takes is a little time, practice and trust in order to develop this natural gift. So take time out for yourself and allow your natural state to come to the surface.

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   I would like to give a huge shout out to Lisa Williams and all the Master Teachers who assisted in the class of 2015. I am truly grateful and honored to be a part of a fantastic  learning process and feel truly gifted to have been chosen as one of the few to partake in a journey of a lifetime.

Please visit Lisa’s website below for updates on tours, events and classes.

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